• A powerful and instinctive leader, Carmen pushes the boundaries of what you think is achievable. Her technique is immediate and lasting, instilling clients with the tools to unlock their true potential. With her, I created a vision for my future, taking immediate actions and understanding the 'power of now.' The true beauty of Carmen is her commitment to her clients. Carmen Pucci is pure growth.

    Paul Surridge, Creative Director, Roberto Cavalli
  • By my second session, my trajectory had shifted completely. She immediately understood the flaws of my business model and directed me into a new expansive and effective model. I discovered what truly fulfills me and what success looks like through my own eyes and heart. My business has increased across all platforms and continues to grow with the guidance of Carmen. She has the unique capability to combine velocity with intentionality; my growth is limitless.

    Ariel Sassoon, Douglas Elliman Real Estate, NYC
  • Carmen Pucci is a game changer in business consulting. She was quick to grasp what was holding us back and almost immediately things began to shift. It’s midway into our consultation plan and we are busier than ever with additional hotel projects in progress and others on the horizon.

    Michael Wang, CEO & Founder, DM ART, NYC & Toronto
  • My career and life has moved ten-fold because of Carmen. She extraordinarily moves you beyond what you think is possible. Jobs didn't exist but positions were created after working with her. Expecting one offer was good but more than one is better. So if you're looking to switch careers, move up or change jobs, reach out to Carmen now.

    Liman Cheng, Global Film Executive Producer, Art Partner, NYC
  • Working with Carmen Pucci has been a turning point in my professional career. In only 12 sessions, she will bring out the leader in you, providing tools and advice to have an IMMEDIATE impact. At the end of her program, you will feel empowered, free and more effective with a better understanding of yourself and your surroundings. I have already recommended Carmen to friends and colleagues and I will continue with anyone who is seeking to move the game up to the next level!

    Monica Cantonetti, Regional Head F&BP Central Northern European Region, Celgene International HQ
  • Carmen's program is definitely one of the best investments I made for myself. Since working with Carmen, I have seen immediate results in how I handle my own staff, how I communicate better with my clients, and I have gained much more confidence in what I can bring to the table, as well as having a more focused and relaxed approach. Carmen also helped me to develop a clean plan for the years ahead, outlining my goals and creating a strategy on how to achieve them.

    Natasha Slater, Founder at Natasha Slater, Milan
  • I was introduced to Carmen at a time when I felt stagnant, and I came to her for guidance in my career -- I had no idea how much she would change every aspect of my life. Carmen was able to push me outside of my comfort zone and gave me the tools to navigate any obstacle I encountered. I came away from every session I had with Carmen truly inspired.

    Lulu Zeitouneh, Creative Director, Cosmopolitan & Seventeen, NYC
  • I would describe my experience with Carmen as a 'total transformation.' The sessions are precise and very effective. Carmen has enabled me to realize that the keys for success and happiness have been in my own hands the whole time and that NOW is the moment to act. I strongly recommend Carmen, not only regarding business and career development, but also for personal growth and transforming any area of life. Thank you Carmen for enabling me to create change and empower myself.

    Rodrigo Izquierdo, Senior Interior Designer, Archiola Studio Milano
  • I met Carmen in the most extraordinary way. After leaving a fundraiser, I shared a cab with her. "What a woman!" I thought to myself. So confident, so powerful, so straightforward. I thought this encounter to be my Karmic reward for having contributed goodwill to a noble cause that night. Since working with Carmen, professionally and personally, my life has expanded and so have all the marvelous possibilities. She is pure joie de vivre, a quality that we all deserve to possess and strive for. I don't look back now, only forward.

    Yvette Pineyro, CEO & Founder, Wildchild Represents, NYC

The Approach to Extraordinary Success

To remove the distance between passion, purpose and success,
Carmen focuses on 6 key areas: 

  • Highlight Passion
  • Clarify & Discover Purpose
  • Connect & Value Personal Skills
  • Expand Network & Improve Partnerships
  • Generate High Demand
  • Take Business & Career to the Next Level

Course Structure

In her original and most popular program, Carmen
creates a customized, actionable methodology for each client, and implements it over a 12-week period.

Weekly Sessions

Minutes per Session

In Person or Skype/Phone

Support Between Sessions

Program Includes

Weekly & Monthly Action Plan
Marketing Strategy
Goal Setting
Meeting Preparation and Debriefing
Conversation Rehearsal
Presentation Preparation
Networking Strategy

Additional Offerings

The structure and length of an à la carte meeting, customized for the individual’s specific needs.

Special multiple-day getaways, allowing for accelerated transformation within breathtaking, relaxing environments.

Intensive programs in a supportive group environment offer a dynamic growth and learning opportunity.

Growth, development and networking against the background of beautiful dinners, cocktail hours, etc.

High-level consulting for creatives, entrepreneurs, CEO’s.